Sears – Omni-Channel Advertising

As consumers become increasingly more connected, so too have multiple shopping channels. The industry has dubbed this shift the “Omni-channel” experience. At no other time have consumers had more power to make or break a retailer. The rapid growth of digital channels is giving them greater access to and influence over a retailer’s brand. In light of this Sears was communicated that their brand isn’t based just on the quality of their products or great deals they have but also on how their customers perceive and experience their products. The proliferation of the mobile device has further empowered consumers, enabling them to connect with retailers, competitors, and online communities with the swipe of a finger. An Omni-Channel campaign for there Outdoor Home Living 2012 was conceived. This included Tablet based kiosks for in-store associates to carry thus enhancing there sales support and capabilities. 46″ digital touch screen kiosks in-store allowing customers to mix and match there patio sets and decor started the in-store path to purchase. Youtube videos for Sears own channel along with mobile optimized micro-sites kept the experience going afterwards.